What is Data Analytics? How to Find the Right Institute for Data Analytics Course in Delhi?

Data Analytics is the evaluation of data through logical and analytical reasoning which undertakes each component of the data provided. Collaborated data from various sources is first reviewed then analyzed before arriving at the conclusion. The sources of data collection may vary from satellites to cameras and of course, the recording devices and data may be in the form of graphs, tables or charts.

Data mining, business intelligence, data visualization, and text analytics accounts to some specific methods used for data analysis. Data mining is used for predictive discovery from the facts and figures while the business intelligence relies on aggregating information related to business. It is basically an inspection of the stats of a company which is required for remodeling of entire business structure to gain deep insight into the company’s initiatives.


Data analytics; data analytics courses in Delhi is helpful in analyzing the aptness of the theories and for carving out answers to the inconceivable questions. Mathematical algorithms and methods are employed to identify the correlation between the specific terms. After the completion of the analysis of the data, analyst switches to data visualization technique to spread the word among the people. Data cleaning is another process which includes a wide sphere to review the data and mend the errors. The hectic task involves column segmentation, record matching, identifying inaccuracy of data, deduplication (removal of duplicate data) and reviewing the overall quality of existing data.

Many data analytics activities include computing derived values, retrieving values, finding an extreme value of an attribute over its value, determining the range, correlation, Contextualization and finding Anomalies. However, analyzing data becomes a tricky task as it usually encounters certain obstruction which may render the collected facts doubtful and preconceptions blur the conclusion as the analyst himself becomes reluctant to agree with the gathered facts.

Sound mathematical and programming skills are required for becoming a successful data analyst because these two pillars stand the data of the whole business structure. Apart from that smart dealing with business intelligence, technology and statistics is a must to opt for data analytics. Attention to minute details, great grasping power, and good communication skills are another feather on the cap. Data analyst are highly in demand in almost every sector be it manufacturing, education or IT sector.


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